Air Tight Food Container Injection Mold- Cad Cam Solutions

Air Tight Food Container Mould Manufacturer-Cad Cam Solutions We at cad cam solutions specializes in manufacturing plastic injection moulds for food containers. These mold require special emphasis  on its locking as it needs to be air tight, So there are many undercuts in core side of lid and in locking face of container. We machined it Read more about Air Tight Food Container Injection Mold- Cad Cam Solutions[…]

Plastic Syringe Mould- Cad Cam Solutions New Delhi

Syringe mold consist of 3 components namely Barrel, Plunger & Gasket. SYRINGE PLUNGER MOULD Syringe size from: 1 to 50 ml Engraved ML lines. Syringe Plunger Mould Cavities Nr. from 16 cavities to 64 cavities. Syringe Plunger Mould cavities and core steel: Toolox44 made in USA . Stainless and temper steel Injection Gate Type: Pin point Read more about Plastic Syringe Mould- Cad Cam Solutions New Delhi[…]

Plastic Charger Injection Mould Manufacturer

Cad Cam Solutions are the leading Charger cabinet mould manufacturers in India. Our moulds are precisely checked for its quality and tolerance. We emphasize special focus on mould cooling and mould flow through Cad software. These precautions make us different from other toolrooms, Our moulds got acceptance in first trail itself saving customer precious time.


Medical Disposable Moulds

We are one of the few companies those are trusted for manufacturing moulds for  Medical disposable and Medical equipment. These Mould required very high Precision that is attained by high end machines and our workmanship qualities. We are nominated Mould and plastic product suppliers for some of the big names in industry.

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