Air Tight Food Container Injection Mold- Cad Cam Solutions

Air Tight Food Container Mould Manufacturer-Cad Cam Solutions

We at cad cam solutions specializes in manufacturing plastic injection moulds for food containers. These mold require special emphasis  on its locking as it needs to be air tight, So there are many undercuts in core side of lid and in locking face of container. We machined it using 5 axis cnc milling, Our products got approved in first trail by our customers.

Key Benefits of our mold-

  • We use high grade steel alloy in our moulds. That has high strength and rigidity.
  • Minimum Strokes- 10,00,0000
  • Mold flow analysis and cooling analysis by cad software.
  • Hot and cold runner option.
  • Hardened mold option.

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